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What you need to know when planning your next construction project.

About SecureTILT

In 2009 the Department of Defense (DoD) issued a revised Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) outlining the design and construction requirements for government occupied buildings.

These revised Anti-terrorism Force Protection standards apply to space leased by the Army Corp of Engineers on behalf of multiple government entities. Currently these design standards have become the preferred levels of protection of those private sector companies occupying space in business parks near the government agencies they contract with.

Department of Defense         US Army Corps of Engineers

The ability of the tilt panels to absorb much of the blast, combined with the additional panel strength achieved with imbedded reinforcing steel, provides the building occupants the desired level of blast protection.

As tested and confirmed at the United State Air Force Testing Laboratory located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, blast protection is intrinsic to the tilt wall panel design.

Watch US Air Force panel blast video from TCA.

As the multi-story tilt building system relies on its site-cast structural panels to perform as the building’s primary structural support, an engineering exercise was undertaken by the SecureTILT design-build team to meet the progressive collapse avoidance standards for up-to five stories.

The SecureTILT design calculations successfully underwent a formal third-party peer review conducted by the nationally recognized, Hinman blast consultants.