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Meet the team of experts who have created the SecureTILT building program.

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Save Time & Money

SecureTILT is quicker and less expensive to build as compared to the costs associated with constructing a structural steel and precast building of similar size and force protection.

SecureTILT can be delivered to the market, six - eight weeks quicker than other buildings of similiar size and levels of protection.


Larger, More Secure Buildings

SecureTILT buildings can be designed and built up to and including five stories.

Larger secure buildings offer developers the ability to maximize the density of their secure office parks.

More leasing revenue will be generated with larger secure buildings within a secure office park with an increased density.


Class "A" Aesthetics 

SecureTILT buildings have a Class “A” office look and feel with high end exterior and interior finishes.

Offers tenants larger, more open floor plans with lots of natural light.

By employing the design components of SecureTILT, interference from structural steel columns is significantly reduced.