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What you need to know when planning your next construction project.

What is TILT?   


Over the past twenty-five years the process of site casting structural concrete wall panels, best known as tilt construction,  progressed from the limits of one and two story warehouses to a  widely accepted building system in the multi-story Class “A” office market. 

Wall panels formed on the slab.Wall panels formed on the slab. Panel mid-erection.Panel mid-erection. See TILT Images

TILT construction saves time & money

Developers quickly took notice to the savings achieved in labor and materials; as much as 20% as compared to the costs of a similar structural steel building. Additionally, tilt buildings were delivering in as much as six weeks earlier than structural steel buildings.

With the introduction of more vision and spandrel glass and the use of rustication (a forming technique that offers depth and texture to a panel) combined with post applied features such as EFIS, these new Class “A” Office buildings are one of today’s most competitive building systems.

Riverside 5Example of TILT construction aesthetics. See TILT Images